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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Toyfare #145

These preview shots of the new Brave and Bold: Action League line are in the newest issue of Toyfare (#145), out this week.

I knew that there was an Aquaman/Black Manta 2-pack on the way (I saw it at the 2009 NY Comic Con):
...but the Batman/Ocean Master set is news to me! Glad to see ol' Orm is starting to catch up to Manta in the action figure sweepstakes!

These are due late 2009, so once again I'll be loitering in my local Target's toy aisle...


Wings1295 said...

Hah! Aquaman looks like a blockheaded thug! :)

chunky B said...

I think this maybe one of a few modern lines I will collect, I hope the final pieces look as good as these samples.

B'wana Beast is going on my dashboard to scream at other cars!

Adama said...


Randy said...

I gotta agree with Chunky B. That B'wana Beast is THE best.

Sorry, Rob, I know this is an Aquaman blog. And while I do love the Aquaman in this series, I gotta say that the little B'wana Beast is easily the coolest thing I've seen in a long time.

I will be eagerly awaiting all of these toys.

rob! said...

The B'Wana Beast one is pretty damn cool.

Amazing--he went 40+ years in comics obscurity, and now he's gotten 2 action figures in less than 2 years.

Can someone starting a B'Wana Beast Shrine be far behind?