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Monday, July 06, 2009

The Ballad of the Yellow Glove, Part 2

Welcome back to The Ballad of the Yellow Glove!

This is our second pass at what I have come to call The Ballad of the Yellow Glove, where poor Aquaman was bedeviled by either an indifferent colorist or sloppy printing, leaving the Sea King to not look his best--something that rarely, if ever--seemed to happen to his more famous co-horts, like Superman or Batman.

After finding eight or so examples the first time, I assumed there weren't that many more instances still to be discovered. But I was happily(?) wrong--here are some more times when Aquaman looked like he mixed his color on Laundry Day:
(Adventure Comics #462)

(DC Challenge #12)

(Showcase #33)

(Invasion! #2)

Can't quite make out Aquaman in that large crowd? Let's zoom in:

This next one really hurt: on the editorial page of Aquaman Special #1 (1988), they dug out one of the classic Jose Luis Garcia Lopez stock shots to help fill the space. A nice gesture, yet:

And it wasn't just American printers! In France they did it, too:

...but it didn't stop with yellow gloves. Sometimes it was...yellow arms!

Or even...blue legs!
...and on the cover of the book, no less! That really hurts.

This ends our second take (in recording parlance) of The Ballad of Yellow Glove, we hope you sang along!


The Irredeemable Shag said...

Great segment! Love it!

The Irredeemable Shag

wich2 said...

Rob, I'm SURE that the glove is a legitimate Variant: obviously, the JLA seamstress was low on green fabric, and used yellow.

(Megohead humor there, folks!)

Great week,
-Craig W.

Wings1295 said...

Hmmm... Let's hope DC doesn't read this and decided it's time for a "Crisis of Color".

Dixon said...

"But it didn't stop with yellow gloves..." Oh, no! Really? Yellow arms and blue legs?! Come on! Oh, the humiliation of it all. And you're so right, Rob, to note that this is just the sort of thing that is allowed to happen to poor Arthur. As if they'd let Superman run around in red pants or put the Dark Knight in a green cape!

Randy said...

Maybe not Superman in red pants or Batman in green tights, but I recall in the Superfriends cartoon, seeing errors plenty of times.

The most common would be a slight flickering where Batman's chest emblem would be a yellow bat in a black oval or a yellow S on Superman's chest.