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Friday, July 03, 2009

Aquaman Lead Figurine - 2009

This is a lead figurine, about 4" tall, featuring an iconic shot of Classic Aquaman, which came out last week.

It comes with an 8 1/2 x 11" booklet (#31 in the series), 16 pages in length, featuring a history of the character and highlighting some of the big moments in his career:
Its a handsome product--both the figure and the booklet (although the book doesn't use Aquaman's classic origin, dagnabit) --but because the figure is cast in lead, it comes with all kinds of warnings about how to handle it, make sure you wash your hands after you touch it, keep it away from children, etc.

Which is why my figure is still in his Carbonite-esque package: I'm afraid to touch the thing!


Andy Luckett said...

Yeah, Rob, I just got mine today, and I'm kinda paranoid about handling it too! After I touch the package, I'm like, "Did I wash my hands...?"

But, it's a nice-looking figure, with a pose that echoes that iconic Alex Ross image on the cover. But the trident in mine is a little bent! Oh, well, I'll just pretend that Arthur's weapon of choice was damaged in mighty battle.

Can't wait to read the booklet!

Wings1295 said...

Wow - Didn't know this was even coming out! How did I miss it? Looks very nice!

And it is surprising to me that DC would make something with all those warnings. Are they letting consumers "grow up" now, realizing we are all not 3-year-olds? :)

Diabolu Frank said...

I've avoided these so far due to the price, but I'm looking forward to my Martian Manhunter coming in. Looks like a neat book!