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Tuesday, June 09, 2009

TV Guide Article - 1967

This is a truly amazing find--a 1967 TV Guide article about all the upcoming superhero-based cartoons, featuring Aquaman (dead center) in the middle of a bunch of Marvel heroes!

What's even more remarkable about the piece is that it was painted by the legendary Wally Wood! And here I thought I'd go through life never seeing Aquaman drawn by "Woody."

I was alerted to this by artist Al Bigley, who posted it on his blog. You can read the entire article there, which I suggest you do, its pretty interesting, with its use of the term "Weirdo Superheroes."

This makes Al our newest member of F.O.A.M.! Thanks Al!


Wings1295 said...

Yeah, this has been making the blogger-rounds, as my daughter posted it the other day for me to see. Very cool find!!!

Siskoid said...

It's beautiful. Yeah, you better run.

Hawkman's there too, so Arthur has at least ONE friend he knows at that party.

Earth 2 Chris said...

Flash and Green Lantern are right behind Thor and in front of Namor. Good thing they kept him and Arthur apart!

Great painting! I guess Superman and Batman were tried and true and well-known enough not to be considered weirdo (but why is Cap there then?).


wich2 said...

Thanks, Rob - cool stuff!

I remember loving the first FF show first-run; ditto, the '66 Supes - where I first met one of my very favorite Men of Steel, Bud Collyer.

(And thanks, Al, who I've known for years from the great Yahoo Captain Action list.)


Adama said...

Neat! Also, my blog is back in action :)