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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Toyfare #144

This preview of an upcoming line of DC Direct toys appears in the newest issue of Toyfare, out this week (click the image to see a readable version).

All the sculpts are based on the work of Ed McGuinness, whose work I have always really liked, but the figures themselves seem a bit dated (as Toyfare points out)--I mean, Pirate Aquaman and Ice Skater Superman, really?

That said, I will of course be buying the Aquaman one.


Earth 2 Chris said...

"Ice-Skater Superman"? I've never heard him called that, but it fits.

"And now Kal-El will attempt the Triple-Lux..."


Diabolu Frank said...

I really like that Kyle Rayner figure. I found I missed the crabmask once it was gone.

David Cutler said...

This was just how all these characters looked when I was in grades 8 and 9, and just making the transition from the Marvel to DCU, via Morrison's JLA, PAD's Aquaman, and Dixon's Robin and Nightwing (as well as Batgirl, though I can't remember who was writing that thing). So for me, these look kind of... I don't want to say classic, but certainly nostalgic. I really believed these identity/costume/power changes were going to be something close to permanent at the time, and in the pages of JLA at least, I thought electric blue superman was, well, kind of cool.

I'm not one to buy toys that aren't Aquaman, but putting together a late 90s JLA in McGuinness' style is tempting...