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Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Leaf Candy Collector's Album - 1981

After a couple of different posts covering the Aquaman mini-comic distributed by the Leaf Candy company, sold inside a bag with some of said candy, I finally got my hands on the complete "Collector's Album", along with the Aquaman and JLA mini-comics. (Did one of you generous F.O.A.M.ers send this to me? I have absolutely no recollection of how I got this!)

I still can't quite place the art style on the wraparound--it looks a little Rich Buckler, a little bit Dick Giordano to me--and its interesting that it features characters that don't really appear anywhere in the mini-comics, like Supergirl, Red Tornado, and Firestorm.

And once again, Martian Manhunter gets screwed out of his rightful spot on some merchandising--even though he appears in the JLA comic, he is the only character who doesn't get his own "Secret Origin" story, this time replaced by Hawkman.

It says "Series 1" on the top right of the cover, so clearly Leaf Candy was thinking they might do more of these. Imagine, as a kid you could've gotten some candy along with Plastic Man, Blackhawk, or Dingbats of Danger Street mini comics!


Diabolu Frank said...

That's a great album. I've seen it before online, but never in life. Nice, if stiff J'Onn J'Onzz, too!

Earth 2 Chris said...

I think you are right on with Buckler, and probably Giordano as well.

Hey, at least J'onn gets a spot on the binder. He was pretty low-profile at the time. I only knew him from one DC Comics Presents appearance and old JLA reprints in the digest books back then.


Anonymous said...

Were the mini comics all new stories created just for this or are they reprints?

Wings1295 said...

Great find! Why is Aquaman stuck behind Green Lantern though? Doh!

rob! said...


they were all new books, retelling the classic origins. the aquaman one is written by friend of the shrine, Paul Kupperberg!

(click the label to see the previous Leaf Candy posts)

Michael said...

Here's what the Leaf comics looked like on sale.

Paul, do you know any of the writing/art credits for the others? The covers appear to be Buckler (with swipes) and Giordano.

Russell said...

I'm pretty sure I sent this to you. As soon as I saw that the only two in it were Aquaman and JLA (the only two I ever got) I was pretty sure. If nobody else claims credit for it, I will. :-)