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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Aquaman Shotglass

sgThis is was the single Aqua-Item I picked up a the 2009 Philadelphia Con--a shotglass with Aquaman's "A" logo on it.

The dealer had a whole array of shotglasses with various superhero emblems (from both DC and Marvel) on them. None of them had any copyright notations on them, so I can only assume they're not "official" merchandise.

Normally I don't go for homemade and/or bootleg stuff, but this struck in me just the right way as I waited to line to buy the T-shirt for Darlin' Tracy.

Classic Impulse Buy--well played, Mr. Dealer--well played.

By the way, master designer/letterer Todd Klein has posted one of his super-cool "Logo Studies", this on Aquaman. Like I guessed it would be when I did m
ine, Todd's effort is tops.

Check out Parts 1 and 2 here!


Wings1295 said...

Love the shot glass!

Adama said...

I thought I spotted a Green Arrow one at Megacon, but it turned out to be wishful thinking :(

Saranga said...

Loving that shot glass!