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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Action Comics #538 - Dec. 1982

Comics Weekend "Mera, Mera, On The Wave--Who's The One You've Got To Save?" by Bob Rozakis, Alex Saviuk, and Frank McLaughlin.

Picking up from the previous issue last Comics Weekend, Aquaman--convinced that he has found his wife Mera in the form of a Naval officer named Lt. Bridgman--finds himself in trouble, under attack from some rogue dolphins who don't respond to the Sea King's telepathic commands:

Aquaman continues to get battered by these dolphins, and it gets worse when they suddenly start generating electricity, an inadvertent result of "Mera" continually trying to use her telepathic commands to get them to stop!

Two dolphins begin to charge, but Aquaman manages to get himself out of the way in time, causing the two dolphins to collide into one another. He manages to free himself from his hard water prison by slamming it into three other dolphins, while "Mera" thinks it was her doing:
...to be continued!

It took Aquaman a little while to stop thinking entirely with his lower half (don't blame yourself, Arthur, I'm the exact same way about redheads), but now evil Mera has her hands around his throat, we'll see in the next issue whether he can save himself and the real Mera!

By the way--killer splash for this installment by Alex Saviuk!


Michael Jones said...

I've always liked the classic Mera swimsuit, but that bikini is incredible!

rob! said...

Yeah, I'd be pretty dim-witted too if the person I was facing was a redhead in a bikini like that.