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Sunday, May 10, 2009

War of the Gods #2 - Oct. 1991

Comics Weekend "The Holy Wars" by George Perez, Russell Braun, Cynthia Martin, Romeo Tanghal.

Like I did a few weeks ago over an issue of Invasion!, I was going through an issue of one of these multi-part crossover "events" for a post over at I Am The Phantom Stranger, and was pleasantly surprised to see Aquaman involved!

I didn't read War of the Gods went it came out, and since I didn't buy the first issue this time around, I really don't know what's going on.

What I do know is, Aquaman runs into one of these would-be gods bent on destroying Earth:
...kinda weird, having all that exclamatory dialog done entirely in thought balloons.

Anyway, at this point the story cuts away to other characters, like Superman, Firestorm, Fire and Ice, but we rejoin Aquaman, still battling the bad guy Kingu, where he gets some assistance from Power Girl:
...the massive attack of fish infuriates the monster, distracting it enough for Power Girl to land a knockout uppercut.

The creature then reverts back into water itself, and Aquaman surfaces to tell Power Girl he thinks this was symptom of a bigger problem.

Sadly, Aquaman doesn't really make any further appearances in War of the Gods, but after considering he had nothing to do but stand around in the Crisis, and made no appearance at all in Legends, I appreciate writer (and layout artist) George Perez giving Arthur a scene all to his own in this series. Thanks Mr. Perez!


Diabolu Frank said...

Most... boooring... event... series... of... allll.... tiiimmeeee.....

I'll have to reread this again eventually, and may the Lord have mercy on my troubled soul at the very thought of it. Everyone blamed it on Wonder Woman's spotlight role, but Perez was just way past his abilities in writing those books. As soon as he took over Wonder Woman's scripting entirely on his own, and turned over art to the horrible Chris Marrinan, that book went into the chore bin.

BentonGrey said...

Thanks Frank, I was wondering if that event was worthwhile, and you certainly answered that question. :)

Yeah Rob, it is cool that Aquaman got something to do, but he had to be rescued by POWER GIRL! Come on, the Sea King is no stranger to fighting giant monsters. Bugala anyone? Arthur should have been able to take that thing.

Randy said...

I totally agree on both counts. This was definitely the least memorable of the crossover events. I think that this was also the only one to not introduce any new 'break-out character' who would star in a series spinning out from these events (i.e. Hitman or Eclipso).

Also, Aquaman should have easily been able to take on a sea monster of this size and caliber. And to have to be rescued by Power Girl is just adding insult to injury.

Anonymous said...

I have very little recollection of this event even though I've read it but at least I don't remember it being as horribly awful as INVASION!

BentonGrey said...

Yeah, Invasion was pretty terrible...and I read it years after the fact from a friend's collection, so I didn't even have to put up with buying zillions of issues to get the story.:P

Diabolu Frank said...

I liked Invasion! Well, parts of Invasion! Okay, I liked it way better than War of the Gods, but it was no Bloodlines. Then again, what is?

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