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Monday, May 11, 2009

JLU Portfolio - 2008

There's lots of Aquaman in Target's stationary aisle, apparently! After posting this portfolio, featuring Aquaman and three other JLAers by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez, F.O.A.M.er Russell Burbage sent me two other portfolios, both of them part of the Justice League Unlimited merchandising juggernaut. Thanks Russell!

This one features a nice wraparound image, with Aquaman (surprisingly) on the front, facing off against the Ultra-Humanite!

I realize that probably has more to do with the stock art poses designers have as their disposal, but they could've used Flash (or a flipped Batman, for that matter), so the fact that Aquaman is front and center pleases me to no end.

Ultra-Humanite is so going to lose...


Doug said...

That is so awesomely awesome! Anything with the Ultra-Humanite on it is pure frickin' gold !

Diabolu Frank said...

Um-- Ollie? Batman? Over here? Guys!