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Friday, May 29, 2009

DC Superheroes Scrapbook

These are some pages from a DC Superheroes Scrapbook, where you can adorn your favorite family photos (or other keepsakes) with various DC heroes!

The Aquaman page looks to be by Tom Grummett (and underrated comic artist, I always thought), and the JLA(ish) page looks to be by Howard Porter and John Dell, who were drawing JLA around this time.

While I appreciate DC wanting to give Aquaman some sort of easily recognizable symbol (like Flash's lightning bolt, or Hawkman's hawk silhouette), that green "A" has to go!


Wings1295 said...

That green "A", with a bit of orange, is the same one in the pattern book I have, that I made tissue topper out of. Not bad, really. Reminds me of the silver age Aquaman though, and not this hook-hand Aquaman.

Andrew Luckett said...

I actually liked the way Tom Grummett drew the hook-handed Aquaman, lending him a regality that other artists replaced with a feeling of barbarism.

As far as the "A" symbol, I think it could be much stronger, but perhaps it would have worked better if the A was gray with a green triangle, or if the colors were reversed, with the A being orange and the triangle green. Maybe even a deep green with a golden A might have worked.

Sorry, that's the graphic design geek coming out in me again, Rob. If anybody from DC is reading this, I'd be happy to design a new one! :)

rob! said...

Yeah, I always thought Tom Grummett was way underrated as a comic book artist.