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Friday, April 17, 2009

Surf & Turf #10

sgSurf & Turf presents...Mera and Hawkwoman!

I haven't posted a new "issue" of Surf & Turf since December, but every so often I get the idea to put a new one together, so here we are.

I decided to change it up a bit this time--instead of Aquaman doing the teaming-up, Surf & Turf #10 would be Mera's chance to shine as a solo star. And then I figured why not team her up with another one of my favorite redheads of the DCU, Hawkwoman?

Once I got that idea, the choice of villain seemed obvious.

My rule to this
point for putting these covers together is somehow finding a shot of Aquaman and the other hero, drawn by the same artist, and also not to repeat artists from cover to cover.

And even though I already tapped Jose Luis Garcia Lopez as the cover artist to Surf & Turf #6, I figured it was okay to re-use him here, since we're talking about two different characters.

I know I'm biased, but I would so buy this series.


Diabolu Frank said...

Awesome, except Mera remains in desperate need of a proper logo.

I'm glad to see Hawkgirl continuing to get the fake fan fiction comic book team-ups. Admittedly, she got short shrift in mine. Now I wonder when Luke at Being Carter Hall going to start his own pseudo-series to complete the set?

Joshua R said...

I have come to the point where I call her Queen Mera. Saying just Mera doesn't do her justice. I would like her to have her own adventures. They need to develop her more. It seems like they have her go crazy or manipulated in some way. She needs to be able to stand alone as a character. I have always thought Queen Mera to be way more than just Aquaman's arm candy. She does have a superpower. Why not present her more as a superhero. I like the idea of her teaming up with Hawkgirl. Is there a story to go with it?

rob! said...


Yeah, I realize that Mera logo is weak. It was either the one I used, or the one from the first iteration of Who's Who, which is even worse.

Paging Todd Klein!

Wings1295 said...

Add me to the list of people who would be buying up every issue!

Michael Jones said...

I don't think he's drawn any of them, but I would love to see Frank Thorne take a crack at that trio of redheads.

Russell said...

Frank Thorne would be good, or perhaps Carmine Infantino? Either that or Joe Kubert? Or, ooh, maybe Murphy Anderson?!?

When I was in high school I thought of re-vamping Mera into a character called Water Witch and having her join the Justice League. She and Aquaman would work together because their powers naturally support one another, like Katar/Shayera, Ollie/Dinah, Hal/Barry, or Clark/Bruce.

I'd like to see Queen Mera team-up with The Phantom Stranger, too.

JoséVC said...

You rock Rob! Thank you for this!
Mera does have a logo, though. She had a two part back-up when baby Arthur was dying and a logo was designed.

Luis said...

I would buy and Comic with a Garcia-Lopez cover, more so if it featured Mera and Hawkgirl.

Vincent Paul Bartilucci said...

Very cool! I've got my own little Mera team-up thing going on myself:


I've got 2 more B&B commissions that I've yet to scan and 3 commissions in the works at the moment. One even features Poison Ivy as the villain!

Diabolu Frank said...

That Bob Layton "cover" was awesome!

BentonGrey said...

Wow! I would totally buy this! I absolutely agree that Mera needs a lot more attention and respect. Unfortunately, DC doesn't generally show the greatest respect for its female supporting characters.

Rob, that cover looks very cool, and Poison Ivy as a villain is perfect. The two heroines might have to go up against their enslaved husbands to save the day. Tons of potential there. And yes, I am yet another one who would easily be shelling out for this book every month.