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Friday, April 10, 2009

AquaSketch by Andy Lee - 2004

This piece, by artist Andy Lee, has to rank as the most unusual Aquaman sketch in my collection. (Click to see a larger version)

It was given to me by my friend Dan Souder, who I met oh-so-many years ago during the first (and I think only) New Orleans Comic Con. For some reason, its another one of those pieces that I have never gotten around to posting here, even though I've had it in my possession since before the Shrine started.

Its a water color piece, done on a sort of parchment paper, and its really cool--someday I have to get it framed. I especially love the little squiggly black creture by Aquaman's hand. Beautiful and creepy at the same time.

Thanks Andy and thanks Dan, wherever you are!


Richard said...

That's really stunning.

Wings1295 said...

Very nice, that is truly a one-of-a-kind piece!