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Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Aquaman Shrine Interview with Mark Chiarello - 2009

Ok, I admit up front--this isn't a full-length interview with artist and DC Comics Art Director Mark Chiarello.

But during the very fun chat Mark and I did last week for my TreasuryComics.com site, to talk about his love of the format and the groundbreaking-yet-retro series Wednesday Comics, the Sea King came up twice (which always happens with me, no matter who I'm talking to).

So I thought I'd use today's post to run the Aqua-centric portion of the interview:

TC: Oh yeah, I've seen a few of them [Kyle Baker's Hawkman pages], they're beautiful. And, since Aquaman is my all-time favorite character, I'm happy to see that he does show up in Baker's Hawkman story. I saw a piece of art with him and Hawkman fighting a dinosaur or something and I was like "Whew! At least Aquaman's in this somewhere!"
MC: Yeah, Kyle let that out of the bag a little prematurely, but Aquaman does make a guest appearance.

TC: I was very glad to see that [laughs].

MC: Yeah--just an aside, Aquaman is a character I wish a writer, who really loves the character, would come to us and says "I really want to do this", because I think he's a lot people don't quite get.

TC: Oh yeah. Well--you've probably already heard this quote, but if not maybe let me play matchmaker here--there's a quote Brian Azzarello gave, to CBR I think, where he said he has an idea for Aquaman story, because he loves the character, but he doesn't want to have to tie it in to continuity, he just wants to do regular Aquaman, and he said he'd do it in that context, but if he can't do it that way then he doesn't really want to do it at all.

So when I heard that quote, and then I heard about Wednesday Comics, I thought, "Oh, please...let there be Wednesday Comics II or something next summer. You can go to him and say 'Hey, Brian, I heard you have this Aquaman story..."

MC: [laughs] I would totally do that!

TC: A Brian Azzarello Aquaman comic? I'll buy 10, 15 copies of that... [laughs]

MC: That would be so cool.

...Mark is as good an interview subject as he is an artist, and this was one of the most fun chats I've ever had, for any of my sites.

Click here to read the full-length interview, and who knows? Maybe someday we'll get to see Brian Azzarello on Aquaman, in Wednesday Comics, and the Shrine will have had some tiny, tiny part in making that happen!


Wings1295 said...

Very cool! That is an interesting pic - Aquaman and Hawkman and some weird dino-beastie!

Cool! Thanks, Rob!

Brian Knippenberg said...

Great little interview piece, Rob!