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Thursday, March 05, 2009

Stock Art by Jose Luis Garcia Lopez

This is one of the last pieces from the giant pile o' stock art I received by a helpful Aqua-Fan (who must still remain anonymous), with Aquaman in a classic swimming pose, courtesy master illustrator Jose Luis Garcia Lopez.

I love this pose so much that, when it came time to pick a header for the Shrine, it was a version of this one I used. And I still love it!


Anonymous said...

Rob, did you take this picture and make the Shrine logo, or did you find that version somewhere and co-opt it?

rob! said...


the art for the Shrine logo is from this ad for Masterlock.

(posted the very first day of the Shrine!)

...whoever drew that ad obviously used JLGL's original piece as a template and then redrew it.

Luis said...

Jose Luis Garcia Lopez made ANY character look fantastic! This artist defines the "DC Look" for me. It's a crime that he's not hailed as the greatest comic book artist ever (alongside Jim Aparo). A CRIME I say!