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Friday, March 27, 2009

The Flash Vs. Hostess Ads by Hembeck

This brilliant one-page strip first ran in Hembeck #1, Fred's first collection of his material, published in 1980 (click to see a bigger version).

Like I mentioned with yesterday's strip, I loved Fred's conceit that the various DC and Marvel heroes were just your average Working Joes, and even though they were superheroes didn't mean they didn't have annoying stuff to deal with.

Also, as a kid reading this strip for the first time, this idea of the Hostess ads being a sort of separate entity really blew my mind--and the idea that the villains were so lame that the heroes were worried they'd show up in the regular comics was equally revelatory.

Aquaman doesn't appear in this strip, but The Flash touches on some of the marital strife he suffered from making Mera do one of the Hostess ads without him.

I always did wonder why Mera did her own ad...

I hope you enjoyed Hembeck Week, as I did. I've always loved Fred's work, and kicking off the week with a brand-new Hembeck strip is one of the most fun things I've ever had the opportunity to run here.

And remember, you can buy the giant Hembeck Omnibus book here. Tell 'em The Aquaman Shrine sent you!

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Wings1295 said...

Very funny. So that is what caused their marital strife??? hahahaha