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Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Channel 9 Will Return After These Messages

This is a TV station card for someone's local Channel 9, that I accidentally found during a Google image search. I had never seen it before, was totally charmed, and downloaded it.

Its a safe bet that this was used for this channel's Saturday morning cartoon line-up, given the copyright-violating mix of characters. I love the fact that Aquaman is pictured, but not Batman. Holy Globally Recognized Icons! How many times do you see that?


Rick L. Phillips said...

I love it when I see things like this. It could have been for Saturday morings but it may also have been for weekday afternoons. Many stations for years showed cartoons in the afternoons between 3pm and 6pm for kids after school. Because of things like Cartoon Network, Disney Channel etc. this came to an end.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I agree with Rick. To me that looks like an afternoon cartoon ad. Gosh, I remember watching the Hanna-Barbera Fantastic Four cartoons re-run when I was in high school; I would rush home in order to watch them as part of some HB Adventure Show that rotated the FF with Birdman, Galaxy Trio, and some others. Then when I first got cable TV I remember the Super Friends were on TBS Super Station. :-) Good times.

Plaidstallions said...

Oh man, just looking at that makes me happy.