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Thursday, February 05, 2009

Breaking News - More Final Crisis Aquaman

sgNewsarama.com recently ran an interview with Grant Morrison about Final Crisis, and the subject of Aquaman came up, briefly. Here's the exchange:

: The return of Aquaman...that's the Aquaman? King Arthur returned in the hour of his people's greatest need?

GM: J.G. Jones and I figured it was time to bring back an Aquaman we could all understand, so there he is. Someone else will pick up on that story, I'm sure.

Interesting! That still doesn't explain why some of the participants didn't seem to recognize this Aquaman if its the original (although I guess there a multitude of explanations for that), but I take this as a welcome sign: Morrison and Jones put Classic Aquaman in a big box with a ribbon it, just waiting for some writer to come along and open it. Stay tuned.

This tidbit was caught and sent to me F.O.A.M. member Joe Mello. Thanks Joe!


Diabolu Frank said...

This is why it's never safe to assume. I read that interview last week, yet it never occurred to me you hadn't.

The important question is who's going to open that present, with Geoff Johns busy elsewhere. Methinks a poll is in order...

Anonymous said...

Geoff is (unfortunately) going to bring back Aquaman in Blackest Night, like he and Didio have been preaching since the start of 08.

Diabolu Frank said...

Right... DC Zombies... I keep pushing that out of my conscious thoughts...