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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

AquaSketch by Chris Giarrusso - 2009

As promised, here's one of the sketches I picked up at the NY Comic Con over the weekend.

I'm a big fan of Mini-Marvels, and I'm glad that Marvel has expanded them into their own digest-sized books. I buy every one of them, and enjoy them, and then have the added joy of giving them to the various kids I know.

Chris never gets to draw any DC heroes (in the comics, at least), so I love seeing the King of the Seven Seas done in his style. How adorable is this??


Wings1295 said...

Very cute! Heck, I would buy a t-shirt with that on it! :)

Anonymous said...

That is GREAT!

Adama said...

To answer your question: mega cute.

Richard said...

A poster on LiveJournal had the similarly brilliant idea of requesting a sketch of Tomorrow Woman, with similarly outstanding results:


These two sketches persuade me that Chris has yet to show the world what he's really capable of doing -- his current stuff for Marvel is a lot of fun, but these pieces show even more depth and dynamic energy while still being in his distinctive style. I'm looking forward to seeing where he goes in the future!

Siskoid said...

Mini-DCs would be nice. Tiny Titans just isn't the same.

RedheadFangirl said...

I love it! I also got Chris to do a sketch for my redhead book- a mini Jean Dark Phoenix I will put on the blog soon. Mini Marvels is great..do love Tiny Titans too.