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Saturday, February 21, 2009

Aquaman (Vol.6) #74 - Dec. 2000

Comics Weekend "From The Core"

The final story arc--by writer Dan Jurgens and artists Steve Epting and Norm Rapmund--to this sixth volume of Aquaman kicks off here
Aquaman and Mera are back from Skartaris and their adventure with Travis Morga, The Warlord, and, for the moment, Arthur is actually happy:
Arthur is so happy, in fact, he's playful and romantic towards Mera, going so far as to planting a kiss on her during a quiet moment.

But of course all this contentedness can't last long, and when Arthur and Mera make it back to Atlantis, they see that the city is flying its flags of mourning!

Talking to Vulko, Arthur is told how they were gone so long that Tempest and Rodunn followed after them, and how Garth has disappeared as well.

Soon after, a ghostly image of Garth appeared to Dolphin, and then after that, Garth's body was found:
But, despite the devastating evidence of in front of of him, Arthur refuses to believe Garth is really dead.

The other believe he is so overwrought with grief he's in denial, but Arthur is having none of it. He believes the ghostly visions Dolphin saw mean something, and he heads out to find Garth.

On his way out of the city, Arthur is met by his #1 security chief, Rodunn, who pledges to come along and help find Garth.

They make their way to the pit, and find that it has turned the sea around it into a sea of death--all the life around the edge of the pit has died as well. Arthur says he's going in alone, but Rodunn won't listen. In addition, he's brought along two protective "containment suits" that they will don going in.

After several hours of searching in the morass that is the inside of the pit, Arthur and Rodunn are attacked by some sort of sea creature. Arthur tries to talk to it telepathically, and when he can't find any consciousness there at all, he surmises its just an illusion!

Arthur and Rodunn pass through the creature, and come out the other side, to find
...to be concluded!

As such a die-hard fan, it was nice to see Arthur and Mera so happy together, if even for just a couple of pages. *sigh*

Anyway, be here tomorrow to see final issue of this series!


Scurvy said...

The only issue I missed in this run...

rob! said...

Nice to hear from you again Scurvy!