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Sunday, February 15, 2009

Aquaman (Vol.6) #73 - Nov. 2000

Comics Weekend "Power Game"

The concluding chapter of the adventure in Skartaris starts off with Mera imprisoned by the evil Volgos
We see that Travis Morgan is trapped too, both of them held down by these creepy glowing, tentacled creatures.

We learn what just happened: the possessed Aquaman attacked Morgan, and Mera went after Volgos.

Hitting him with her hard-water powers, she temporarily knocks him out, and we see under the creepy helmet its...Mongo Ironhand, the wizard friend of The Warlord's! Morgan insists he is being controlled by Volgos, too, and then Mera was dragged off by Machiste and Mariah.

Mera is happy to see Arthur return, but:
Volgos orders Machiste--who is struggling to free himself from Volgos's magical grip--to go and kill Travis Morgan!

A world away, Tempest is searching the mysterious pit, and he finds a small glowing crevice. He lifts a rock to uncover it, and is discovered by three silhouetted creatures, who grab Garth and drag him into a swirling pit!

Meanwhile, Mera feels something strange start to happen--she finds herself free of her bonds:
Mera frees Morgan, and then they run into Machiste, who comes to kill them. But Morgan delivers a powerful blow, knocking Machiste off his feet.

A few moments later, we see Machiste return to Volgos's chamber, where he still has Mongo Ironhand and Mariah imprisoned. He asks Machiste if the intruders are dead, and Machiste answers by freeing his friends! He is no longer under Volgos's control!

Morgan threatens to shoot the Volgos-controlled Aquaman, but Volgos isn't afraid, since he knows that will kill Aquaman.

But Arthur, his mind still active, grabs Morgan's gun intending to shoot himself, and Volgos in the process:

Hey, have some respect Morgan--Aquaman did just defeat Volgos.

As the group leaves, they see where Volgos has gone--into the body of one of the giants waiting outside his lair, and he tries a more direct approach--smashing them with a giant fist!

Aquaman has Mera use her powers to propel him into the giant's eye, where he stabs the glowing crystal that seems to house Volgos's power. He shatters it, finding a limp body of Volgos inside. He grabs it and jumps off to safety.

Moments later
...a nice wrap-up to fun adventure. I like how Aquaman used his mental powers to get out of the main jam, an aspect to the character I like seeing utilized.

Plus Mera gets a lot to do, and we're reminded what a great team they make. If Classic Aquaman comes back to his own title, I'd love to see him and Mera reunited permanently. It just works.

Not only do the Super Friends take on Starro the Conqueror in the newest issue of DC Super Friends (#12, out this week), but this comes with a DIY mask of the Sea King!

Everyone go out and pick up the issue, if you don't already get the series--its a lot of fun, and you get Classic Aquaman in every story!

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Anonymous said...

Cool ending to an excellent sounding story. I love the idea that Aquaman is too powerful and canny to be entirely overcome by this villain...it really adds some weight to that scene of him striking Mera, which would just be terrible otherwise. You're right Rob, Aquaman and Mera make a fantastic team. DC just doesn't know what they had with his supporting cast. They really were great characters.