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Sunday, February 08, 2009

Aquaman (Vol.6) #71 - Sept. 2000

Comics Weekend "To Enter The Lost World"

Regular artists Steve Epting and Norm Rapmund are back, and this time they and writer Dan Jurgens open up an issue of Aquaman not in Atlantis, but in the far off land of Skartaris
Back in Atlantis, Garth and Dolphin are nesting with their new son Cerdian.

But all is not rainbows and unicorns, since Garth senses some sort of mystical disturbance...something bad.

Meanwhile, Arthur is dealing with the thousand mind-numbing tasks of being King, barely paying attention to all the proclamations and paperwork Vulko is putting in front of him:
Arthur meets with Ambassador Hart, who is surprised to learn that Arthur expects the Surafce World's ambassadors to live here in Atlantis, just like other world ambassadors do.

As they deal with this startling bit of news, Garth arrives to tell Arthur what he's been sensing. Garth is able to pinpoint the trouble as emanating from a distant sector of the sea, and Arthur decides to check it out, insisting Garth stay behind--he has a new son to tend to. He also lets Garth assume the throne in his absence.

Arthur has Mera go with him to check out the trouble:
While they're on their way, Arthur and Mera talk about their relationship, and it seems like Arthur is tip-toeing around the idea they might be together again.

But that has to wait, for they discover what the trouble is--a huge, glowing whirlpool!

The whirlpool is so powerful it sucks everything near it inside, including Mera! But Arthur is not about to let his love go so easily, and he grabs her hand, which ends up getting them both sucked into the whirlpool.

They come out the other side, and the first thing they see is a giant pre-historic sea creature known as a Elasmosauraus. Mera believes this means they have traveled back in time, but Arthur isn't so sure.

They poke their heads out of the water, to see a group of massive sailing ships headed towards them!

The ship's crew think Arthur and Mera are attacking them, so they start lobbing fireballs at them. When Arthur commands the Elasmosauraus to smash one of the ships, someone steps forward to take charge:

Aquaman and Warlord have it out for a few minutes, with Aquaman thinking this is somehow Oliver Queen he's dealing with.

Travis Morgan--The Warlord--understands the mistake and stops fighting. They talk for a moment, and Morgan says he recognizes the man in front of him as Aquaman, though he looks "different than how I remember."

Turns out that on Skartaris, there's a threat brewing, one so bad that Morgan's friend Mongo Ironhand thought they needed help, so they got some--Aquaman and Mera!

Aquaman wonders what kind of threat could be so bad, and as they make their way down the river, Morgan shows them:
...to be continued!

Nice to have Epting and Rapmund back, and Aquaman and Warlord make for an interesting team-up. Be here for next week's Comic Weekend, and we'll see what happens!

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Anonymous said...

Wow, that is such a cool teamup, I just about don't know what to say. Aquaman in a wild prehistoric world? Awesome.