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Friday, January 23, 2009

Who's Who En Espanol

Have you ever wanted to read an Aquaman Who's Who entry entirely in Spanish? Of course you have!

Click the above image to see a custom-made, Who's Who-style Aquaman fact sheet, part of a massive site devoted to the denizens of the DCU. I always enjoy seeing how American-born superheroes are perceived in other countries, what elements of their personalities translate, which don't, etc.

All I know is, I wish I spoke Spanish.

By the way, The Aquaman Shrine is now on Facebook!

I'm not sure what opening a Facebook page for the Shrine will do for me or it, but enough people have asked me about it that I figured it was time to create one.

So head on over and there and be the Shrine's friend!


Saranga said...

I can make an educated guess to a fair amount of the Spanish text. A lot of words are similar to English and if you know Aquaman's history you can pick out bits of it.

Anonymous said...

I don't speak Spanish, just Japanese, but the only thing I can't guess is "ultima actualizacion" on either July 11 or Nov 7 (can't tell if this is the European dating system or not). As Saranga says, if you know your Aqua-history you can pretty much read everything else. :-)

Joe Huber said...

Google translate will translate the whole site if you go there and enter the URL. It's not a perfect translation, but it is passable.

Luis said...

I speak spanish! Because I'm from Mexico, of course. Thanks for pointing me to this great site, Rob. I'll have you know that DC comics have been published in Mexico and the rest of Latin America far longer than Marvel has.