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Friday, January 02, 2009

Breaking News - Final Crisis Aquaman

sgOut this week from DC is Final Crisis: Secret Files #1, written by Grant Morrison and Peter Tomasi, with art by Frank Quitely and a host of others.

Before I even got the chance to get out of my jammies and go to my LCS (All Things Fun, Marlton, NJ), F.O.A.M. member Richard Bensam sent me a link to a scan this page from the book:


Hey, who is that down there? Why, it's Aquaman!:
Hmm, I'm intrigued by the description here, but it still leaves me wondering if we're talking about the Aquaman--Arthur Curry, founding member of the JLA, has a thing for redheads, etc.--or if this some newer, third (or is that fourth?) version of the character. Questions, questions.

I'm really thankful to Richard for sending me this, because while I have been trying to scan the Final Crisis books for a sign of Aquaman, the sheer quantity of different books with the Final Crisis prefix (Final Crisis: Rogues Gallery, Final Crisis: Revelations, Final Crisis: Four Staples Rather Than Three, etc.) is so daunting that I haven't kept up. Thanks Richard!

(Speaking of Richard, he is the newest contributor to my Hey Kids, Comics! blog, sharing a wonderful anecdote that went up on the blog this morning. Go check it out!)


Wings1295 said...

Hmmm... Vewwwy interesting.

I haven't been following the Final Crisis saga, either. But I hope this is THE Aquaman!

Anonymous said...

Well...he looks good at least. I wouldn't mind if they gave him a beard a-la B:B&B. Anyway, bah for whatever they are going to do. Wipe the slate clean and tell a good story with a decent, not depressed character. Reintroduce Garth, Mera, and Tula, Manta, Orm, etc. They've made a mess of things, and it is the only real way to fix it.

It will never happen...but it is what I want, nonetheless.

rob! said...

I think the visuals are spot-on, but i'm a little worried that this is going to be yet another new Aquaman, leaving Arthur Curry dead and Arthur Joseph just sort of forgotten.

I'd like to see Classic Aquaman back, not some third guy named Aquaman. but I guess we'll see...