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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Parade Magazine Article - 1971

This wonderful little bit of "Won't someone think of the children?!?" paranoia was sent to me by F.O.A.M. member Brian Heiler.

It appeared in a December, 1971 edition of Parade, and as you can see the example shown as typical, harmful TV fare includes the Filmation Aquaman! Even better superheroes is put in quotes, as if Mr. Kupferberg doubts that the Sea King, the Dark Knight Detective, and (one assumes) the Lone Ranger are not really superheroes. Feh!

I wonder what Mr. Kupferberg thought of The Snorks.

Thanks Brian!


Anonymous said...

Hey! That looks like a screen shot from The Super-heroes, a syndicated package of cartoons I wrote about in my first Hey Kids piece!

Stupid Kupferberg. I watched that show religiously and it didn't do me any harm. And I'll slug the first guy you contradicts me!

Anonymous said...

The Snorks...now there is truly "Evil Under the Sea!"


Paul Kupperberg said...

And he's got a stupid sounding name, too!

"Herbert"! Heh!

rob! said...

i did do a double-take when i saw the name. i envisioned awkward family get-togethers, one guy railing against comics and cartoons and how they are rotting kids' brains, the other...

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that a show as awesome as the Superman/Aquaman Power Hour (well, okay, so the AQUAMAN part of it was awesome, the Superman part was as bad as SF) managed to exist with that much ignorance bouncing around. I bet that guy slept with a copy of "Seduction of the Innocent" under his pillow at night. Heroes are one of the most foundational aspects of all human stories, and Aquaman (at least like he existed in that show) embodied the best of those archetypes.