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Monday, December 22, 2008

Mego Black Manta MOC

In the first month of the Shrine, I posted a pic of super-cool custom Mego Black Manta doll (er, action figure) made for me by my pal Mark Sauter, who specializes in all kinds of custom action figures.

I've seen a few examples of Mark's work, and his combination of skill, creativity, and attention to detail make his customs truly something special.

I hadn't seen Mark in a while, and I was surprised one day to find a package for me in the mail from him--a brand-new, custom-made bubble card for my Manta figure! Wow!

As you can see, the front is pure vintage Mego, featuring the stock headshots all Mego fans have come to know and obsess over. But on the back is Manta's Who's Who page, a cool feature that I would've loved to have seen added to the packaging of some line of action figures over the last two decades. The bubble even hinges downward, so you can pop a figure in there, and then reseal it nice and tight. Double wow!

At the time I posted the figure, I had not yet created (or even thought of) the F.O.A.M. membership club, and I forgot to officially add Mark to the rolls. I'm correcting that right now, so thanks again Mark and a belated welcome to F.O.A.M.!

sgYou've seen this graphic on the right side of the Shrine for a while now--it was a link to F.O.A.M. member Eric Stettmeier's online campaign to Save The Aquaman Hoodie, which entailed getting 200 people to commit to ordering the endangered item, which was the number set by its manufacturer, 80sTees.com, to have the shirt put back into production.

Well, after a few months, we hit the 200 mark! Eric has since contacted 80sTees to see if they'll stick by their promise--but even if they don't, Eric deserves a shout-out for marshalling all those AquaFans. Nice job, Eric!

sgAnother F.O.A.M. member doing something cool is Doug Zawisza, whose book, The Hawkman Companion, is now on sale from TwoMorrows.

My copy arrived on Friday, and I spent the weekend tearing through it--its a thoroughly enjoyable read, and Doug's passion for the character comes through on every page (a passion I can relate to, of course).

In addition to an informative history of the Winged Wonder, Doug amassed an impressive collection of interviews with many of the comics pros who have written and drawn the character. The book is a great achievement, and I hope its a big success for Doug and TwoMorrows.

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