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Monday, December 15, 2008

Kingdom Come Audio Book - 1998

sgThis is really fun.

This is the cover to audio version of Mark Waid and Alex Ross'
Kingdom Come mini-series, done with a full cast of actors and sound effects--the whole Radio Drama treatment.

Of course, there are a lot changes in this version--mostly, there's a lot of expository dialog (
"Superman is lifting up the entire building!", "Green Lantern is shooting a beam of green light from his Power Ring!", etc.), since this version doesn't have the luxury of Ross' breathtaking visuals.

But for people who enjoy audio books and radio productions, its nevertheless a lot of fun to listen to, and its a real treat getting to hear some of Waid and Ross' best lines delivered by actual actors.

Of course,
Kingdom Come features only the briefest of appearances by Aquaman, but luckily Arthur's one scene is reproduced for the audio version:

...see? Fun!

The audio version's cast features voice actors I'm not familiar with, but who for the most part do pretty good jobs (in particular, the two actors playing the older Superman and Batman pretty much sound like what I heard in my head when I first read the series). Since they are not individually credited, I don't know who voiced Aquaman--too bad, I would have loved to give him official credit. After all, he is part of Aquaman history.

Fun bonus: some then-DC staffers also provide voices, like Denny O'Neil, Mike Carlin, Dan Raspler, and even Waid himself!


Anonymous said...

wow, I had no idea this existed. I'll have to try to track it down!

Wings1295 said...

I never knew about this, either. Very cool. Aquaman... er, Arthur sounds very regal!

Anonymous said...

Pretty cool. Not a bad voice for Aquaman, and his scene got expanded a little bit, which is neat.

Michael Jones said...

I know it isn't him, but Aquaman sounds a little like Gary Owens. Other than the comic creators you mentioned, are there any other cast members listed?

Plaidstallions said...

My wife and I listened to this half a dozen times on long car rides. it's one of the best audio dramas I've ever heard.

Bubbashelby said...

I had this on cassette and have misplaced it - I'll have to track it down for my iPod since we're now in the 21st century.

rob! said...


some of the cast members are Mike Merian, Don Peoples, Garet Scott, John Cunningham, Jeff David, and Chuck Cooper...like i said in the post, no one i'm familiar with.


amazon lists this audio book as OOP, and i have never been able to find it on CD (i don't think it ever was put on CD)

but i found mp3s of it here (i didn't mention it on the post because i'm not sure how legal having that stuff there is, and i didn't want to get the blog in trouble)