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Friday, December 26, 2008

DC Encyclopedia Ad- 2008

This ad for the updated version of DK's DC Comics Encyclopedia hardcover book is running in DC's books right now. And as you can see, the Sea King gets a mention in the tagline.

I guess us AquaFans should be grateful for our hero's accidental place in the alphabet, because I can think of a few times when this particular tagline was used to push a DC product, and because Aquaman is the biggest "A"-named hero they have, he's the one who gets mentioned.

Sadly, ironically, Arthur didn't make the cut for the cover (by Alex Ross)--he doesn't appear anywhere on the front or back, as we see various stars of the DCU take on their arch-nemeses. Since Ross is an avowed
Aquaman fan, I can only surmise he was given the list of characters to put on the cover, and someone at DK or DC decided to leave Arthur off.



Wings1295 said...

Never heard of this. Gonna have to check it out, could be a fun coffee table book.

Luis said...

I own this book and it's a MUST BUY for any DC fan. True Aquaman is not on the cover (neither is Hawkman, another of my favorites) but the Sea King gets his due inside the book with a full 2 page spread of info. The rest of the Aqua-family, Mera, Aqualad and eve Aquagirl, is also included with their own entries. Highly recommended!