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Thursday, December 04, 2008

Comic Book Savers Ad - 1977

Did anyone ever actually buy these? I remember seeing a lot of ads for them, but I never knew anybody that actually had them.

I've never seen them surface on eBay, or even the separate sticker sheets, featuring the classic stock art shots of Aquaman, Superman, Batman, and the rest--you'd figure the sticker sheets at the very least would be still be around in some capacity.

Questions, questions!

sgCongrats to our pal Paul Kupperberg for hitting 100 posts over at his blog, And Then I Wrote...

It's cool now that Paul has a blog, and I enjoy keeping up with what he's doing and reading some of his older material, a lot of which I've never seen before.

I figured this image was the perfect one to use for this, since it has Aquaman on it, a big "100" on it, and the story inside was written by...Paul Kupperberg!


Anonymous said...

I used to have the stickers back in the day, but they got tossed out with the cheap chester drawer they were stuck to.

Paul Kupperberg said...

What truly pisses me off is that I'm sitting here with a diorama of the SHOWCASE #100 cover less than a yard from my right hand near my desk...and it never occurred to me to use it for the post. D'oh!

Thanks for the shout out, Rob!

Jon K said...

I've got a number of pictures in my Flickr files of sticker sheets... I've always suspected that the stickers advertised in the full-page ad that shows 'em all over the walls of a kid's room were the same ones that came with the comic book savers!

David said...

I did buy a couple of those "comic book savers" through the mail.

They were made of a floppy vinyl, not unlike the 3-ring report covers you find in most offices today; maybe a tad thicker, but not rigid by any measure.

The "spine" area was wide, as shown in the illo, and on the inside there was a long, vertical, metal rectangle with multiple notches at the top and bottom ends. The idea was to stretch a rubber band from a top notch to a bottom notch, then open a comic to the center fold and slide it into the open rubber band, which would hold it in the book. That way you could stand the whole thing up on your bookshelf, at least in theory, and swap out books at will.

Anyway, it was obviously not so much a "comic book saver" as a "comic book organizer," as there was no "preservation" aspect to the whole thing. Quite the opposite. I don't remember how many comics fit in the things, but I'm thinking maybe 12. I also don't remember if you got any say as far as colors, but mine were navy blue.

Absent-minded Professor said...

I actually bought a batch of about a half dozen back in the day, and used them up until recently for some of my most treasured or referred-to runs of comics - the ICG DC indices for one, the early Levitz issues of Legion of Super-Heroes, basically all of the Uncanny X-Men from GS #1 to Uncanny 175. They were okay for what I always wanted, some way to store the comics in a convenient manner easy to pull down and read like a book. The rubber bands went out early, but I strung them with string and never had a problem except for minor tearing at the top and bottom of the spine. My recent discovery of the growing hobby of library binding my comics has rendered them obsolete, but for nigh on 30 years they worked for me. ... I don't even remember the stickers that came with them, though. Cheers.