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Monday, December 01, 2008

AquaSketch by Dan Parent - 2008

This super-super-awesome sketch was given to me as a gift(!) by my pal, F.O.A.M. member and frequent Hey Kids! contributor George Rears.

George had seen the
AquaArchie sketch I got by this same artist, Dan Parent, at the 2007 Philly Wizard World Con, and he was super-generous and super-thoughtful in getting this follow-up piece for me when I couldn't make it to that year's show.

This is Archie regular Cheryl Blossom as Aquaman's queen Mera, and all I can think to add is...
hubba hubba.

(Note to self: Make sure to attend 2009 Philly WW show to get "Reggie Manta" sketch)


sgSpeaking of my Hey Kids! blog, over there today is the first new story we've put up there in four months, and from a new contributor.

People have asked me why Hey Kids! had ended, but it never actually did--for some reason, submissions just stopped coming in, so I had nothing new to post.

And rather put some weak anecdote of mine pulled out of my head just for sake of having something to post, I thought it would be better just to let it go until we got a new cool story in...which we finally do today,
please go check it out!

sgIf I may continue my shameless self-promotion for the moment, I also have something new and cool over at TreasuryComics.com today--an interview with a Big Time Comics Pro talking about his love for the self-same oversized comics that I'm always going on and on about.

So once you're done here, and then after you go to Hey Kids!, then go over to the What's New page at TreasuryComics.com and check that out!



Sean Tiffany said...

Nice updates on the blogs all around, Robbo. How you juggle so many at once, I'll never know. But, you do a great job!

chunky B said...

Wowza! That is a sweet sketch! Plus cool that Mr. Rears thought to get it done for ya!

I'm off to check the updates!