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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

AquaSketch #3 by Neil Vokes - 2008

Hot off the press, with the ink barely dry, here's the newest sketch in my Aquaman Sketchbook, courtesy artist Neil Vokes, of the fearsome Black Manta!

This is third sketch Neil has done for me, at the annual All Things Fun Christmas Sale, and since he had already done an Aquaman and a Mera, this time it was Manta's turn. As usual, Neil didn't disappoint, and delivered an astoundingly beautiful piece, dramatic and dynamic. Manta just looks really, really mean here--as it should be. (I love the reflections on the helmet, they're totally cool)

I told Neil I'd see him at next year's ATF Xmas Sale for another sketch--should it be Dolphin? Aqua Girl? Ocean Master? I've got a year to think it over...


The Irredeemable Shag said...

Awesome sketch! Absolutely love it! What a nice holiday present for yourself.

A very Happy Holidays to everyone at the Aquaman Shrine!

The Irredeemable Shag

Neil D Vokes said...

I now consider this a tradition at Xmas-I was very happy to contribute another small piece to the shrine...;o)

Diabolu Frank said...

Considering how spectacularly Manta turned out, Ocean Master seems a lock, but it should probably be Aqualad/Tempest. Got to complete the major members of the family, after all.

Luis said...

This drawing is so good you almost can't call it a sketch! With a little clean up work this is good enough to be a comic book cover. Great piece.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is a truly beautiful piece! Manta has rarely looked more menacing. Look at that! He looks like he could just about scour the ocean of life.

As for the next sketch, forget Dolphin! It's definitely got to be Aqualad, Tula, or Ocean Master!

Richard said...

Truly wonderful, Neil.

Rob, if there's an artist in the world who doesn't want to draw Dolphin, I don't want to know it!

Neil D Vokes said...

OK-OK-enough,lads! my ego is plenty inflated at this point-lol- Happy Ho-Hos to y'all...;o)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sketch, Mr. Vokes. And let me say, Eagle is sorely missed!

My vote is for Aqualad or Tula, Rob.

A peaceful holiday to all.

Neil D Vokes said...


That EAGLE is still remembered after nearly twenty two years does my heart proud...i promise to get back to it...someday...cross my heart...;o)

Anonymous said...

Wow, this is an awesome piece of work! You can almost feel the heat of his laser beams with this one.

I, too, vote for Aqualad next year...with maybe Topo, Imp, or Tusky to keep him company, hahaha!

rob! said...

great debate here, fellas.

i know i have, like 364 days to decide, but i'm leaning toward Tula/Aquagirl for next year. Neil did a Supergirl sketch for fellow F.O.A.M. member George Rears after he did Manta and it was so cute and awesome that i think i'd like to see Neil try his hand at Tula.

Grears said...

I saw Neil do the Black Manta for Rob, and was intrigued to see what he could do for my requested "Supergirl in the 70s' uniform"- He just nailed it. I'll have to find a way to post it. Just the right sense of power and whimsy.

Having said that, I'd still pull for Dolphin... B&W seems to be the prefect format for a Dolphin sketch!