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Monday, November 17, 2008

DC Super Heroes - Energy Safety

This is a fun little promotional 12-page comic produced by DC in conjunction with Con Edison, teaching kids how to be "energy wise."

The cover features a real who's who of the DCU, with the nice touch of Plastic Man pulling a fast one on Aquaman.

Inside, we learn about gas safety from Green Lantern, how to conserve energy from The Flash, keeping safe during an accident from Superman, electricity safety from Wonder Woman, two energy safety quizzes from Plastic Man and Robin, and how electricity and water don't mix from the King of the Seven Seas:
(click to see a readable version)

The art is credited to Vince Deporter, whom I have never heard of, but does a nice job here. Plus I learned not to mix electrical appliances and water!

I'm a big fan of any type of promotional or giveaway comic, they make me think of a time when these characters were used too teach kids all kinds of stuff (or, at the very least, hock Radio Shack products) and I find them very charming.

And bonus points to this effort, for working in so many stars of the DCU!


Diabolu Frank said...

That looks great, and love the two-pager. That Aquaman looks a lot like Mike Manley drew it, so I wonder if "Vince Deporter" is for reals.

Anonymous said...

What a great cover. An odd mix of DCU animated and comic continuities. Little animated Tim Drake with an animated-style Oracle?

But still love that cover!!!


Paul Kupperberg said...

Vince Deporter is real. I believe he's in animation, but he's done a ton of licensing work for DC on coloring books, custom comics, etc. I worked with him a few times when I edited Justice League International coloring books.

Emma said...

Wow! As a fan of Bruce Timm-inspired comics, this little collectible couldn't be more exciting! May I ask where you've found it? I'm afraid that I couldn't find it at our local comic book store ... *^^*;

rob! said...



i bought in on ebay for $10. i saw 2-3 of them up there around the same time.