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Friday, November 28, 2008

Brave and The Bold Promo Card - 2008

This is one of a series of "promo cards" for the CN's Brave and the Bold series. I'm not sure if these were actually printed out and distributed or just were web-only.

Tonight is the debut of the third episode, guest-starring our hero Aquaman! Can't wait to see it!

Re: that Aquaman logo--while I'm generally against using anything but the classic one (since you're pretty much not going to do better), I don't think this one is too bad. Maybe if they ditched the sort of metallic coloring...

Update: In the comments, Vince Bartilucci points out that it seems that the Aquaman episode of B&B has been rescheduled, presumably to next Friday. Rats!


Plaidstallions said...

I'm anxious for this one and to read your reaction Rob.

Anonymous said...

I think the episode has been rescheduled for next Friday. Looks like the Ben 10 (cough - Dial H for HERO - cough) movie is on tonight.

Anonymous said...

I don't think it's metallic coloring as it seems to supposed to look like it's made of water. Kinda aquatic!!