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Friday, November 21, 2008

Aquaman Clay Figure - 2008

This cute little Aquaman rendered in clay was sent to me by F.O.A.M. member Andy Luckett, who says:

"This was made by my girlfriend, who I've made into a new Aqua-fan. Its a clay figure she made in her job at an after school program, in between chasing the kids around."

Very fun, I love any type of homemade Aqua-Item--how better to spread the awesomeness that is Aquaman?

Thanks Andy (and girlfriend)!

sgBy the way, a few months ago, Andy sent me an original story he wrote, unofficially called "JLA Gifts", which is about the members of the Justice League exchanging gifts in an annual get-together.

Written in the style of a JLA Case File, it's a very sweet and clever story, and Aquaman plays a large role, and you can click here to download a .pdf of the story.



RobOrange said...


I guess you have seen the Aquman
images here?

Bubbashelby said...


"Hi Mr. Curry, want to check out my new blow dryer?"

"Oh No! It's Mr. Flipper! No thanks Mr. Flipper, I don't want to dry up!"

"Don't worry Mr. Curry, I'll just set it on low and...is that the phone? Be right back Mr. Curry."

"Oh nooooooo!"

*30 minutes later*

"Sorry Mr. Curry, it was my mom, she told me this hilarious story about tube socks and...

...uh oh"

*Mr. Curry crumbles to dust*


Anonymous said...

Rob, thanks for posting Andy's story.

And Andy thanks for writing it. It was great fun and the characterization was spot on. There aren't many Aqua-centric fan fics, so I hope you're inspired to do more.

Cindy Healy