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Monday, November 03, 2008

Alex aka "Aquaman" - Halloween 2008

I was hoping some Shrine fan out there would tell me they had their kid go as Aquaman this Halloween!

This is Alex, who is two years old, sporting a very sharp, homemade Aquaman costume, made by his parents Rob and Jennifer. I'll let Rob tell the story:

"A month or so ago, my wife and I were figuring out who Alex should dress up as for Hallloween.

I say 'who' and not 'what' because I knew it would be a superhero. Thankfully my wife indulges me a lot on the superhero thing, and loves to sew costumes so it's a win-win for me.

Last year he was an adorable Captain Marvel, and this year we wanted to do another no-mask costume (masks would last about ten seconds before being torn off--ditto for gloves). Alex is blond and blue-eyed, so we thought Aquaman would be a good choice.

I'd always liked Aquaman as a kid, but didn't really know very about about his recent incarnations/continuity, etc.

So we did some costume research, with much of it coming from your site, and decided on a variation of a recent costume--more or less classic Aquaman but without shorts or gloves. Jennifer sewed the bodysuit, and did a great job, while I did the belt and drew on the scales (with a black Sharpie, no less). We wanted to add gold bands at the neck and cuffs, but ran out of time (I was still drawing scales fifteen minutes before trick-or-treat began)."

That's a great costume, and Alex is a lucky kid, having such cool and diligent parents such as Rob and Jennifer. I'm proud that the Shrine could help convert little Alex into a really cool Li'l Aquaman. I bet the costume generated a mountain of candy.

Since it was a team effort, we're inducting Rob, Jennifer, and Alex as our newest members of F.O.A.M.!


Richard said...

That Captain Marvel costume is awfully impressive as well!

Sean Tiffany said...

Robbo, he looks just like the little you in your profile photo! In fact, he's looking right at you! Ack! Spooky!

Rick L. Phillips said...

Cutest Aquaman ever!

Rob said...
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Wings1295 said...

Both costumes are awesome, although I am partial to the Aquaman one, too. Great job!

My son, who is 10, went as the other Aquaman, Michael Phelps.

Anonymous said...

I LOVED both costumes... they two are among my favorites super heroes!!!


Anonymous said...

Man, that is a REALLY fantastic Aquaman costume. He looks like Aqua Jr. going as Daddy for Halloween.

Anonymous said...

Great job! Both costumes are fantastic! My son went as Nightwing and no one knew who he was, but he didn't care.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any pictures of him wearing his Nightwing costume??? I would love to see them!!!