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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Super Dictionary, Part 11 - 1978

The penultimate installment from the 1978 DC Comics Super Dictionary, this one is unusual in that it features a shot of the entire Justice League (cribbed from an issue of the book, with art by Dick Dillin and Frank McLaughlin) to define the word "United"--although Aquaman does look a little perturbed there.

Regarding the text for the word "Unusual"--"It is usual for Aquaman to talk to fish. It is common for him to talk to fish. We expect him to do it." Well, ok then, omniscient narrator!

For the last definition, for "Whale" this panel seems to be pastiche of two different Aquaman artists--Aquaman and Aqualad are by Nick Cardy, but the angry whale is by Jim Aparo, from Aquaman (Vol.1) #40:
Remember: "More whales are coming."


Anonymous said...

Flash and Aquaman seem to be reacting to the Atom cutting the microscopic cheese. Really odd poses and reactions on both of them!


Adama said...


Anonymous said...

Notice the 'crumple zone technology' on that whale.

Dixon said...

Indeed, the Flash and Aquaman seem downright disgruntled at that particular Justice League meeting. What could have prompted that?!

I wanted to thank you for your kind comments some time back, Rob! I'm excited to be getting back into blogging, finally, and I'm outright delighted that the Aquaman Shrine is continuing in fine form. Keep up the good work, buddy! I'll be directing readers here whenever I can.

Anonymous said...

That JLA group shot is from JLA 150, when the entire membership goes after The Key and The Star-Tsar. Missing are Red Tornado and Elongated Man, who I guess were not used in the Super Dictionary?