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Friday, October 24, 2008

DC Comics Presents #5 Ad - 1979

An exciting ad, promoting DC's two titanic team-up titles (say that three times fast!).

As a kid, I would have been interested in both these books--the issue of DC Comics Presents because of Aquaman's appearance,
of course, (one of only two he would ever make in the book's 97-issue run), and The Brave and the Bold because it features one of those really crazy team-ups I loved as a kid (still do, in fact)--Batman and the Unknown Soldier?? I'm so there!

Anyway, we have yet to talk about that issue of DCCP here at the Shrine, and its time to rectify that--so be here tomorrow!

(P.S. Speaking of Brave and the Bold--many of you have graciously sent/fwd'd me B&B-related stuff, now that the show is a mere weeks from premiering. Rest assured I appreciate all your emails and I'm working on putting all of the stuff together into one post)

Aquaman--or someone being called Aquaman, at any rate--makes another appearance in Final Crisis, issue #4, released this week. You can see him pictured there behind Green Lantern and next to Firestorm.

Again, I say...?


Anonymous said...

Wouldn't it be great if it were the REAL Aquaman? I have some vague hope that they'll bring Arthur back...but not much for an ongoing series. If they do, I may break my DC embargo and pick it up. That team up book looks awesome though! Ocean Master would be a great villain to fight Supes, since he is vulnerable to magic.

Luke said...

I'm just trying to wrap my brain around the idea of Batman teaming up with the Unknown Soldier. And not even the time travel or anything like that. Just the two of them together... I think that would cause the Multiverse to shudder, or something.

Diabolu Frank said...

That B&tB was one of the first comics I ever owned, and first series I collected. Can't remember it well, but residual fondness remains.

Anonymous said...

Great ad. Would love to own that issue of Brave and the Bold. Superman also teamed up with the Unknown Soldier, in the present day!, in DC Comics Presents #42. It's actually a very good story by Paul Levitz and Irv Novick, though nothing to do with good old Aquaman.

Robert Hustwick said...

I really hope DC brings back the original Aquaman and throws him in the Justice League. It's doubtful he'll ever have another ongoing series... but they should really bring him back and keep this second Aquaman around, with a new codename. He could be the Kyle Rayner of the Aquaman universe...