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Thursday, October 16, 2008

Brave and The Bold #73 Ad - 1967

Usually I pair up an ad for a comic and the comic itself, but somewhere along the line I goofed, forgetting to post this ad back when I (and my Tiny Titan pal Damian "The Disappearing Man" Maffei) wrote about this comic back in January. So here's the ad--better late than never!

This is yet another example of the brilliance of DC's then-in-house designer, Ira Schnapp. There's so much text crammed into a tiny, tiny space, and yet Schnapp found a way to work it all in, plus each character's logo, plus a visual motif representing the story itself.

As a graphic designer myself, I am humbled by the man's sheer talent--I don't think I could design something this cool, and I have the benefit of modern tools. Schnapp did all this by hand, an xacto knife, some glue, and a stat camera.

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