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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

AquaSketch by Joe Staton - 2008

The 2008 New York Comic Con was an especially good place to pick up new sketches in my Aquaman Sketchbook--case in point, this beauty of a piece by the legendary Joe Staton!

I've been a fan of Staton's work ever since I was a kid, and I was thrilled when I got to meet him at the 2007 NY con and even more thrilled when he agreed to do an interview with me for TreasuryComics.com.

Since then, I've become friends with Joe, and we've helped each other out on various occasions. So when I saw him at the 2008 con, I made a beeline for his table and handed him my book.

And as you can see, he delivered. Thanks Joe!


Siskoid said...

Very sylized, even for him. In fact, I think I like this barrel-chested Aquaman more than I do Staton's more official stabs at the character.

Anonymous said...

He's a bit too disproportionate, but this is just a sketch. I do like the look of Arthur there, very graceful and powerful.