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Thursday, October 09, 2008

Aquaman Trading Card

sgThis is one of those items that's in my "to post" folder, yet I have no information on what it is, or where I got it.

It's a trading card of some kind, but since I don't have it in my personal collection I only have this front scan--someone must have sent it to me, but for the life of me I can't remember who or when.

That said, it's a nice looking card, well drawn and well colored.

Anyone have any clue?


Anonymous said...

"...and tadpole, sometimes a torpedo is - JUST a torpedo!"

Anonymous said...

That's a well done piece, but it's just odd.

Why is Aquaman smiling with a torpedo going past? "Oh, look. A torpedo. I wonder where it's headed. Looks like it's headed for that big glass bubble. That looks familiar. There are buildings in it...HEY!!!"

Maybe it just looks weird because Captain Hook Aquaman never smiles?


Anonymous said...

It reminds me of that artist named Eric something who draw Aquaman for Eric Larsen's run.

Jaime Alberto said...

I have that card in my collection of the dc comics firepower trading cards, It was 1996 by fleer/skybox. Pencils: J. Nyberg/ Color: K. Tanagashi. I like your "Aquaweb", really nice, specially sharing art from the Big artist Jose Luis GL and other more. hey rob, I'm actually not the big aquaman fan, but I have some items that maybe you want to know they are out there, cards and little figures about aquaman, I could send you some pics of them if you want and show them in ur web. I have this items cause I'm a superman Fan and I collect some Dc comics stuff. so let me know. Greetings from mexico. (jalberto812@hotmail.com)