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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Adventure Comics #454 - Dec. 1977

sgComics Weekend We continue following Aqualad in his solo feature in Adventure Comics!

Aqualad got his own solo strip starting with the previous issue of Adventure Comics (which we talked about last Sunday), as he searched for the truth about his past, courtesy writer Paul Kupperberg and artists Carl Potts and Joe Rubenstein.

With this issue, Kupperberg and Potts remained, but the inking chores were taken over by the legendary Dick Giordano!

Last issue ended with Aqualad breaking into the royal chamber of records of the Idyllists to find out the truth about his heritage, only to be discovered by the Idyllists themselves.

Since they refuse to tell him what he wants, he takes off, and that's where we find him now:
Aqualad takes on a hammerhead shark that was making its way toward the old man. He can't understand why the old man isn't even trying to get away, but he impulsively stabs the shark with a sharp piece of coral, killing it.

The old man is not thankful to Aqualad. In fact, he's enraged:

The old man runs into his cave home, asking Aqualad to stop hounding him.

Aqualad thinks he's crazy, but asks him why the old man is so troubled by his presence. He tells him its because he killed Thar, the king of the Idyllists, who looks an awful lot like...Aqualad!

Aqulad is now enraged, believing the Idyllists killed his father. He pounds on the door of the home of one of them, Thoran:
To be continued!

The addition of Dick Giordano to the strip gives it a classic look--Potts solid pencils come off even better than they did in the previous issue, as Kupperberg winds up Aqualad's quest next issue!

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Anonymous said...

Killing a shark with a piece of coral.....that's fairly awesome. It is a shame Garth didn't get used more in the Teen Titans, because he is a character with tons of potential.