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Friday, September 05, 2008

DC Super Friends: Flying High - 2008

This wonderfully-cute tie-in book was generously sent to me by F.O.A.M. member Russell Burbage, when he sent me his Big Box of Birthday Fun a few weeks ago. I had seen it in a bookstore and planned to pick it up, but Russell saved me the time and money. Thanks Russell!

Even though Aquaman doesn't appear on the cover, he does get just as much to do as his fellow Super Friends inside.

The story involves The Penguin and a nefarious, supervillain-y plan where lots of birds go wild, including some seagulls.
Luckily Aquaman is there to take care of it:
The Penguin is quickly dispatched, with nary a punch thrown, and the story ends with all the Super Friends relaxing on the beach and having fun with the normal citizens:
...I love the little kid with the stuffed Aquaman doll.

I like that The Penguin is the villain of the piece, not Lex Luthor, since I bet this means we'll be seeing a Penguin action figure in the DC Super Friends line before too long!


james said...

Aquaman was my favorite superhero when I was a kid. Thanks for all of your nice work on this site!

Anonymous said...

This is one of the books my son has that I've been meaning to scan for months for you Rob! So I guess I don't have to...sorry!!!

By the way, there is a smaller SF Penguin out in the Imaginext line. I hope they make a mini-Aquaman soon! So far, it's just Batman characters, with one lone Superman/Krypto figure set.


Anonymous said...

Sweet! How perfectly this book fits into both my Aquaman & Penguin collections. There has not been such a perfect merchandise confluence since the days of the Aquaman Super Powers Mini-Comic (which had The Penguin as the villain). And a mini Penguin figure? Man, is it ever hard to find this stuff in Southwest Virginia.

You know, for some reason, I seem to have a real affinity for disrespected or marginalized comic characters: Aquaman, The Penguin, and Marvel's Daredevil and Scorpion are all favorites, and all have never quite been recognized as A-listers.

Okay, great post, Rob, rant over, I'm out!

chunky B said...

Awesome book Rob, I'm digging the Flash T-shirt myself!

E2C, I've only seen a few of the Bat Characters and that giant Batcave (I'm so getting that for my Nephew), but the Imaginext DC Superheroes look to be a pretty cool line.

Anonymous said...

In LA this past week on business I came across the Joker in some sort of Imaginext vehicle and the Penguin with two pet penguins and a large umbrella, as well as the Superman/Krypto combo. I *ALMOST* bought all of them, but decided against it.
There is also a Matchbox set of cars with the Super Friends on them. Only one of them appeared to have Aquaman, though, so I didn't buy that set, either, although now I wish I had!

Anonymous said...

The Imaginext toys are really well done. They are roughly the same size as Hasbro's Marvel Super Hero Squad figure too,so you can "team-up" the two universes. My son loves this line, esp. the Batcave! I think he really prefers these over the larger SF figures.