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Monday, September 01, 2008

Aquaman Welcomes The Phantom Stranger!

After intense media speculation, I can announce today that my newest blogging venture is I Am The Phantom Stranger, which will be a chronological history of DC's premiere man of mystery.

As my JLA Satellite blog wrapped up, I started thinking of ideas for more "limited series" blogs, where I could direct the entire site's focus to one character or book, and explore what made it so great and/or noteworthy.

I've always liked The Phantom Stranger, always found him an intriguing character. He doesn't currently have a blog devoted to him, which was a plus. He's been worked on by some of the greatest writers and artists in comics, and a PS blog would give me an excuse to try and interview some of them--another plus.

And finally, I already owned almost all of the issues of his solo series, as well as many of his guest-appearances, so it wouldn't be all that hard to get the rest to make the blog as complete as possible. I was sold.

All I did was wait for JLA Satellite to end (which it did, last Saturday) and then give myself some time to put material together. With Halloween not too far away, that of course seemed like the perfect time to kick it off. So please join me at I Am The Phantom Stranger on October 31st, and we'll explore the mysterious world of...The Phantom Stranger!

sgRelated Plug Department: Starting today over at Dial "B" For Blog, Robby Reed kicks off an amazing multi-part series all about DC's legendary letterer and designer, Gaspar Saladino. (Mr. Saladino not only designed the above Phantom Stranger ad, but he developed the Stranger's awesome logo, as well.)

I implore all of you who don't already, head over to Dial B for an amazing journey through one talented man's career!


Hatter J said...

PS was always one of my faves, so I'm really looking forward to your new blog.
Unfortunately, I don't have many of the old issues, but thankfully there are the Showcase Presents reprints.

I always felt like they should have included him in JLU. After all, Tala was there.

Anonymous said...

Cool idea, Rob - a nice niche character!

Depending on his incarnation, ol' Phantom often reminded me a bit of the Horror Hosts over at Charlton (esp. Dr. Graves), and Dr. Strange.
(And of course, maybe he's The Wandering Jew...)

-Craig W.

Anonymous said...

Sweeeeet! Phantom Stranger is great idea for a blog. I'll be there every day!

Anonymous said...

Great! I've always had a soft spot for the Stranger. I was first exposed to him in one of the greatest Batman stories, Detective #500's "To Kill A Legend". I've liked him ever sense.

Suggestion for alternative title for your blog:

"PS, I Love You".


rob! said...

"PS, I Love You"

...oh chripes, had i thought of that...!