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Friday, September 19, 2008

Aquaman Vol.3 Ad - 1989

This is an ad for the third Aquaman series, his second mini-series following the gangbusters Neal Pozner/Craig Hamilton one.

This Aquaman mini is the last of the solo series that I haven't really focused much attention on here on the Shrine. I remember not thinking too much of it at the time, but since a lot of stuff I didn't like that much at the time reads better to me now, I should go back and re-read the series and give it another shot. The ad itself is quite nice.

One aside--man, that Aquaman is beefy. I mean, ToyBiz beefy!


Scurvy said...

The cover to issue 1 is just awesome imo.

Anonymous said...

I don't like this ad. It's focus is on Arthur's....hand? And his face is not good at all. Curt Swan was not the artist best-suited for Aquaman, IMHO.

Anonymous said...

Here you guys go dumping on Curt again. :-)

I'll admit,t hat's a bad shot for an ad. I think Curt was probably trying to be too "dynamic" here. No doubt prodded by the editor to make his work flashier. It doesn't work for him. That being said, the "Legend of Aquaman" special he penciled (inked by Eric Shanower) was absolutely gorgeous. Swan suffered his whole careers from inkers who couldn't bring his delicate pencils forward.


Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, I LOVE Curt Swan's LSH and most of his Superman stuff is wonderful. I really like his "Last Superman Story" inked by...Perez and Schaffenburger IIRC. And yeah, that Aquaman mini-series is actually pretty good. I just meant this ad/pose was not great.