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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Alex Ross Print - 2003

This beautiful portrait by Alex Ross was sent to me by F.O.A.M. member Andy Luckett. Thanks Andy!

These prints were sold as an exclusive for a store called Lee's Comics, and originall were printed at 11x17", which must have made them truly a wonder to behold.

Alex Ross never fails to render Aquaman as dynamically as possible, and this print is no exception--the colors, the shadows, and the pose are all exquisite.

If I was ever writing or editing an Aquaman comic, I would put together a stand-alone flashback issue featuring Classic Aquaman with Mera, Arthur Jr., etc., and hire Alex to illustrate it, giving him all the time in the world he'd need to really go to town on it. An instant classic!

(Dear DC: if someone wants to do this when the next Aquaman book starts, feel free to steal my idea!)


Anonymous said...

I will admit that knowing that "sensitive" guy from that ghost show is Ross' model for Aquaman kind of turns me off a bit to his version now. That show gets on my nerves. I like more "practical" ghost shows, like Ghost Hunters.

Still, it's a gorgeous piece, of course.


Anonymous said...

While I agree with (I believe it's Frank Delano), in that Ross's Aquaman looks a bit too frat-boyish in the face, he does always paint him beautifully. He is always strong, dynamic, and in this case, quite hauntingly rendered. That's a beautiful piece right there! By the way Rob, I can't imagine much better than a Ross illustrated Aquaman mini-series.....Mark Waid and Alex Ross.....just like Justice.....how awesome would that be?

Kidbilly said...

So is Jay Mohr the guy you're talking about as the inspriation for Alex Ross's Aquaman? I can kind of see it, but I like Alex's Aquaman better than I like Jay Mohr. I think that Chance Kelly from Generation Kill (played Godfather) would make a great inspiration fro Aquaman or even play Aquaman. I love Alex Ross's work. I have his Aquaman poster framed on my wall.