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Friday, August 15, 2008

Michael Phelps is Aquaman!, Parts 2 + 3

Various AquaFans were very helpful in the comments for yesterday's post, as they directed me to other instances where Michael Phelps has been called "Aquaman." I had no idea!

The above is from SI.com, where Phelps and Aquaman were compared in a regular feature called "Tale of the Tape." SI's info on Aquaman is pretty spot-on, except of course for "Mort Neisinger."

Below is the August 11th issue of ESPN magazine (who I even did some work for, a little while ago), which features two covers--one for newsstands, one for subscribers only, this being the sub-only one:
A great cover, Aquaman mention or no, but of course the tag line makes it even cooler.

If any of you out there subscribes to ESPN, and has/gets this issue, please consider scanning it and sending it in, I'd love to run it sans, er, watermark. There's a F.O.A.M. membership in it for you!

Oh, and again: Dear DC Comics: We need an Aquaman book on the stands--

Tomorrow: a special, non-Comics Weekend post!


Diabolu Frank said...

This remains awesome. I just had to give my thumbs up.

Paul Kupperberg said...

Last night on the Daily Show, John Stewart ran a clip of the animated Super Friends Aquaman and Black Manta diving from a cliff and swimming, introducing it as a clip from the day's Michael Phelps match.

It's Aquaman's world. We just live in it! (glub!)

rob! said...

aaahh! the ONE night i happen not to watch The Daily Show...

chunky B said...

They did a little spot light on Phelps on the Olympics as to his "construction" and why he is such a powerful swimmer. the only thing he's missing is gills.

The guy is really Aquaman!

Bubbashelby said...

It appears the "Superman" analogies have petered off too. Someone must have sent the NBC commentators a memo.

The wife and I still joke about it. "Man, look at him swim! He's like, Spider-Man or something!"

"Another gold for Green Arrow!"

"He's like the Flash under water!"


Adama said...

He just won another medal, and they called him Superman again! Jeeez! The guy is swimming really fast, not lifting heavy things!

Anonymous said...

Th only part I don't get is the "Diving into Pop Culture" bit.

I think Aquaman was pretty solidly embedded in pop culture before Entourage ever came along.