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Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Breaking News - Final Crisis #3

sgI had read on the internets that, according to Grant Morrison, Aquaman--whichever version--would be appearing in Final Crisis #3, so I made sure to pick that issue up this week.

I just got home from the store (thanks, Ed, Dee, and John at All Things Fun!) and, lo and behold, on page sixteen
..."[M]ysterious new Aquaman who's shown up." Huh? What in Hector Hammond is going on around here?

Aquaman makes a second appearance in the book, in another group shot:
I've said before, maybe its because I haven't been keeping up with all these Crisis story lines, but I have no idea what's going on in this book. Oliver Queen is in it, who I thought had been bumped off by Judd Winick. And why hasn't anyone taken this Aquaman guy aside and asked "Um, who the heck are you?"

Can anyone explain this to me? Is this book taking place in the future? An alternate dimension? Or is Morrison purposely keeping us confused? This Aquaman fan wants to know!


Unknown said...

No idea who the mysterious new Aquaman is, but I'm hoping it's the one we really want to come back. As far as Green Arrow goes, Ollie is alive and well. He's lived through worse than his wedding night. ;-)

Scurvy said...


Unknown said...

Scurvy, if your "Whaaa?" is in reference to Ollie's wedding night - it appeared as if Dinah had killed him but that was not the case. Long story, and not a very good one either, but Ollie's alive.

Hatter J said...

Connor is the GA whose life/death status in in question at the moment, Ollie is quite alive.

I didn't pick up my weekly haul today, but alas, I can't offer any insight as to what's going on here. I've purchased the first two issues,and all they've told me is that I should have been buying
Countdown and the Death of the New Gods because I'm REALLY confused by it all. I've even contemplated just waiting and reading the play by play on Wiki rather than spend the jing.

Bubbashelby said...

Just making a wild guess (only having read issues one and two) but let's face it...we all know Martian Manhunter isn't really dead.

So maybe, just maybe, it's J'onn in disguise.

Anonymous said...

I chalk it up to DC editorial having no idea what they are doing anymore.

I hate to be that blunt, but they are trying to coordinate these massive crossovers, and interweave EVERYTHING together, yet nothing makes any coherent sense. Even the lead-ups to the is series don't jibe with what is happening here.

I really hope it's just original, pre-angst Arthur (not Orin) back, but I kind of doubt it.

Erik said...

This whole thing was penned two years ago when the OYL thing was in full swing. So, supposedly it's just Artie Joe with a slight revamp.