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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Aquaman #58 Ad - 1977

DC got a lot of use out of this ad, where they just dropped in different covers in Superman's kryptonian mitt.

Aquaman--as a character or a book--didn't get a lot of ad space in the 1970s, so this version of the ad always jumped out at me when I would come across it in a comic.

Come to think of it, Aquaman should be automatically checked off on all subscription forms, anyway...

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Anonymous said...

That's a great Aparo cver to feature in an ad - the Aquaman figure is nice and big!

As a kid, I remember seeing this ad, or one similar to it, featuring the cover to Batman #293. It's an Aparo cover also and depicts Lex Luthor punching Batman and in the process hurting a ghostly, mirror-image Superman, as well.


Aparo on Superman?!?! Now that's a whole different breed of Kryptonian! I could get into that!

I became obsessed with that comic and searched for it all over the place. Unfortunately, by the time I finally found a copy at a convention years later I had become a "condition prima donna" and couldn't bring myself to purchase any back issue that wasn't NM. So, I passed and started searching for a NM copy of Batman #293. Slightly harder to find, let me tell you.

In the late 90's I finally found a copy that lived up to my exacting standards and discovered two things ...

1) ... Batman #293 is one chapter in a longer story! In this multi-part epic Batman is believed dead. Luthor is just one of many evil-doers trying to take credit And ...

2) ... beyond the cover, Jim Aparo had nothing to do with Batman #293! Instead the team of John Calnan (sp?) and Tex Blaisdell (sp?) handled the interior art.

Oh, well, Calnan had his own Bat thing going on that I kinda liked and I hear that a trades coming out soon so I'll finally get to read the rest of the story.

Sorry, Rob. This wasn't about Aquaman much, was it?