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Friday, July 18, 2008

DC Comics Subscription Ad - 1993

This is a subscription ad that ran in most of DC's comics in 1993. Like a lot of them did at the time, it uses Jose Luis Garcia Lopez stock art.

But look a little closer:

...as you can see, to better represent DC's line-up of titles at the time, someone has gone in and altered it, turning Hal Jordan into John Stewart, and adding Blackhawk, Raven, and Swamp Thing!

That's an unusual set of characters to crowbar in there, so that's odd enough. But I guess the right poses couldn't be found, so the three added heroes are just standing there, while the rest of the DCU charges forth, in an attempt to save comic fans some money off of the newsstand price!

Aquaman in particular looks like he's shoving poor Dr. Holland aside--"Out of the way, Kelp Thing!"


Siskoid said...

They totally give off that Cardboard Cut-Out vibe.

Doug said...

It's a shame Vertigo is so selfish with Swamp THing, now you've got me hoping for an Aquaman and Swamp THing issue of the Brave & the Bold.

Doug Slack said...

The odd thing is I don't see Swamp Thing or Blackhawk being offered. By 1993 Swampy was a part of Vertigo. And Blackhawk didn't have his own title at all.