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Saturday, July 26, 2008

Breaking News - SDCC

sgSometimes I feel like Batman in that one scene in Kingdom Come, where we see him in front of a bank of monitors in the Batcave, communicating with his legion of agents, all reporting information to him.

Within the space of about an hour today, I got emails from various F.O.A.M. members, all with info about Aquaman that's debuting at the San Diego Comic Con, saving me the effort to have to look for this stuff myself. You guys rock!

I got several photos like this from F.O.A.M.ers Doug Zawisza and Joe Huber :
...apparently DC is doing a Camo Suit Aquaman for their DC Universe line. Wow! This storyline is supposedly "out of continuity", and yet we've got an action figure for it. Amazing.

I got a tantalizing list of upcoming action figures from F.O.A.M.er Charles Howell, which include a Brave and the Bold tie-in line that includes Aquaman and Black Manta, a Black Manta for the JLU line, and an Aquaman for the brand-new DC Universe Classics line. Looks there's going to be a lot orange and green at your local toy aisles, very soon.

And speaking of Brave and the Bold, they premiered a trailer of the new B&B cartoon at the con
. Even though Aquaman is not shown, with shots like these:
...if the show is anywhere near as fun as it looks, I'll plant myself in front of the TV every Saturday morning to watch it.

Thanks everybody!


Scurvy said...

Wow! I love the look of that figure!!
The camo suit is just classic. And now I can finally play Aquaman vs. Thanatos! LOL

Anonymous said...

Not too odd... They released a Supergirl figure based on the Supergirl that may or may not be a part of continuity any more (also based on the Animated version)